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We support the expat and their family leading up to and during their move.

While a relocator provides the paperwork and basic provisions for your international talent, Welcome Home ensures that the expat and their family feel that you – as an employer – understand the full impact of a relocation. Welcome Home facilitates a smooth transition on your behalf and helps the expat and their family settle into their new surroundings.

This is a collaborative effort between you and Welcome Home – and possibly also a relocator – to ensure that your international talent is optimally served and ready to focus on their new job from day one.

Your Expat

Why would you, as an HR manager,
engage Welcome Home?

The preliminary phase of searching, attracting and acquiring the right talent is a marathon in itself, and when you think you have crossed the finish line it’s actually just beginning. In addition to meeting all the requirements of the job, both the expat and their partner / family have the additional task of socially integrating within The Netherlands.

How can you help enable a soft landing for your international talent? Offer dedicated family / partner support before and during the relocation. This will directly contribute to the success of the assignment and benefit you in the following ways:

Save time

Focus on your core business. We know that onboarding top international talent requires more effort on your behalf and we want to help you save time for what matters most.

Retain top talent

Offer a unique experience that complements your employee value proposition (EVP). Reduce the risk of early turnover by prioritizing the social integration of your international employees and their families.

Boost employee engagement

Make your new hire and their family feel welcome. A successful social support program helps to improve the engagement, satisfaction and productivity of your international talent
from day one!

What can you

Together with you, we create a tailored soft-landing program which will help your new international employees and their family become self-sufficient, feel welcome and settled in without any stress. This will not only save your HR manager a lot of time, this will also have a very positive reflection on your company. Make sure your talent knows that you've got them covered.

Pre-move visit

During their orientation in The Netherlands, Welcome Home is more than happy to accompany them and prepare a tailored orientation visit. Our tours are always based on your to-do-list, but fun is definitely also a component in the program. If preferred, the tour can be accompanied by a native speaking tutor.

Discover (new) neighborhoods

They know they will be moving soon to Amsterdam but have no idea where to live? Welcome Home will make sure you will find your future neighborhood as soon as possible. Or they have chosen the neighborhood they would like to live in and now it’s time to get familiarized with it.

VIP Concierge Service

Welcome Home thrives at creating the lifestyle in Amsterdam, which suits your C-level executives and their loved one’s best. Our concierge lifestyle service will be tailored exactly to their needs and wishes. This can be a service for a fixed period (perhaps when they arrive) or for the long-term. See for more information our personal concierge service.

Cultural training for all

You want your employee and their family to get familiar with the culture, habits, rules and regulations? Welcome Home offers a great program where they receive a real cultural deep dive to make sure they will blend in and includes their personal needs/focus areas. We even have a program designed for teenagers.

Organize your home

Welcome Home understand what it means to ‘come home’ and ensures they will feel this as soon as possible. We create a soft-landing in The Netherlands for you and your loved ones, so you do not have to worry about getting organized before and during your move. The most common services he provides are:

  • Coordination of your goods on arrival in The Netherlands
  • Arrival unpacking & furnishing service.
  • Shopping for the basics or specific items.
  • Tab into our network for the best specialty shops and/or warehouses.
  • Connect your utilities (TV, internet, gas, water, etc.)
  • Find a reliable handyman/ plumber/ electrician/ gardener.
  • Coordinate and/or select the best options for interior design/ furnishing/ refurbishing your home.
  • Coordinate and/or select the best supplier for your rooftop, terrace or garden.
  • Installation of alarm system.
  • Others.

Kick start Amsterdam

Your employee is making a global transition and you would like them to fall in love with Amsterdam as much as you have? Welcome Home is more than happy to take them and/or their family under his wings and show them around.

  • Let us find you the best household team, as housekeeping, tutor, concierge, dog walking, security guard, driver, gardener, key holder while away, handyman, etc.
  • We introduce you to the best lifestyle addresses, like; personal trainer, gym, yoga, acupuncturist, hairdresser, barber, nail studio, massage therapist, physiotherapist, etc.
  • Find the local clubs for sport, your hobby’s and personal interests.
  • Organize all family care services like; a nanny, babysitter, tutors, daycare/kinder garden, etc.

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Getting started in a new city is quite the adventure. Welcome Home will make you feel at home in the city in no time. We will help you organize your household, support you in settling down in the neighborhood, introduce you to the right (sports) clubs, language learning or perhaps just make your new home feel like home.

Please contact us and let us know what you are struggling with or where you could simply use some extra help.

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