Welcome Home in Hello Zuidas


Welcome Home is a concierge service that assists homeowners and newly arrived expats with property management and day-to-day life in Amsterdam, ensuring things run smoothly and cost-evectively. Their dedicated personal home assistant knows your property and your preferences and is available 24/7 to assist you, or a designated contact whenever you are out of town. With Welcome Home, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. We caught up with founder Stephanie Broeke to learn more.

Don’t let the small things define your life

“We believe that ambition needn’t come at the expense of comfort. Our mission
is simple: to take care of the mundane tasks in your daily life so you have time
for the things that really matter to you. Whether it’s shopping for groceries at your favorite speciality shops, ticking o your endless ‘to-dos’, arranging a private chef for a special dinner, taking care of your home whenever you’re out of the country, organizing the perfect birthday party, collecting dry-cleaning, finding a trustworthy driver, taking your car in for servicing or helping out with household or administrative tasks when you have a lot going on – we can do it all, and all to your specifications.”

Second home service

“We also o er a full-service package tailored to owners of a second home
in Amsterdam. So you can leave your property in trusted hands whenever you’re out of town and know everything will be taken care of prior to arrival. On days that you are in Amsterdam, you can also rely on our lifestyle services.”

Concierge service for project developers
“We are also the partner for real estate professionals, project developers and homeowners’ associations of high-end residential complexes in Amsterdam with no reception service or which are too small to allocate a concierge. Our virtual residential concierge service is the innovative answer to the increasing need for a more service-oriented way of living. We deliver a contemporary variant of a  traditional concierge service with smart technology. A considerable added value for their project and the (potential) residents.”