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Relocation Concierge Service

For those relocating from overseas and looking to avoid the usual hassle that comes with such a move: we’ve got your back. We understand how much it means to you and your family to feel like you’ve come home, so we will ensure your arrival will be enjoyable and stress-free. With our relocation concierge service, you can go ahead and explore your new hometown, while we make sure to get your home in order.

Though we are not a moving company, our relocation concierge service provides you with all the insider information about the area you’re going to live in; we will find you the perfect team of service providers, get the necessary utilities and services like internet, gas and water up and running. And make sure you will have your lifestyle up and running in no time.

Just imagine moving into your new, fully furnished home and finding the fridge and cupboards fully stocked with your favorite food and your belongings exactly where you want them to be. Freshly made beds in every bedroom, colorful flowers in the hallway. Whatever you require, we can put together a complimentary home maintenance plan tailored to your wishes. Simply turn the key to open your front door and enjoy the view of your new surroundings. Getting settled in has never been this effortless.

Relocation Concierge Service


Our services include:

  • Coordination of your belongings upon arrival in The Netherlands
  • On-arrival unpacking and furnishing service
  • Organize rental furniture if needed
  • Shopping service, whether you only need the basics or specific items
  • Connect your utilities (TV, internet, gas, water, etc.)
  • Find reliable handymen, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, etc.
  • Coordinate and/or select the best options for interior design
  • Arrange for a professionally installed home security system
  • Put together a home maintenance plan
  • And more: contact us for additional services you might require

What we can do for you...

Moving & Packing Service


Personal Shopping

Selecting vendors

Utility Service

Decorating Service

Stand-by service

Lifestyle Service

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